Spoof Patches

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Looking for some fun and whacky spoof badges? You've come to the right place! Get your merit badge in adult drinking! (Amongst other things). Look around at our spoof patches and find the ones that fit you best!

Ninja Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00041


Ninja Merit Badge.

Super Hero Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00040


Super Hero Merit Badge.

Nerd Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00038


Nerd Merit Badge.

Winter Camping Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00036


Winter Camping Merit Badge.

Dutch Oven Cooking Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00016


Dutch Oven Cooking Merit Badge. You can cook almost anything in a dutch oven.  It has been said that anything you cook in a dutch oven will taste... More 

Marathon Merit Badge 26.2

CODE: m001n00015


Marathon Merit Badge 26.2.  Participating in a marathon is a tremendous accomplishment.  You have earned this merit badge if; You have... More 

Time Out Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00014


Time Out Merit Badge. Bad Boy, Bad Boy, what you goin' to do.  Go to time out!  We all know someone who deserves to be in time out.  You... More 

Running on Empty Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00013


Running on Empty Merit Badge.  You can certainly be "out of gas" in more ways than one.  You may have earned this merit badge if; The... More