Spoof Patches

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Looking for some fun and whacky spoof badges? You've come to the right place! Get your merit badge in adult drinking! (Amongst other things). Look around at our spoof patches and find the ones that fit you best!

Primitive Fire Making Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00055


Primitive Fire Making Merit Badge. How did they make fire before matches?   You have earned this merit badge if; You were able to start a fire... More 

Ninja Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00041


Ninja Merit Badge.

Super Hero Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00040


Super Hero Merit Badge.

Nerd Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00038


The nerd merit badge is a great way to have some fun with your more "book smart" scouts. Order the nerd merit badge today for some spoof merit badge fun! 

Winter Camping Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00036


Winter Camping Merit Badge.

Dutch Oven Cooking Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00016


Dutch Oven Cooking Merit Badge. You can cook almost anything in a dutch oven.  It has been said that anything you cook in a dutch oven will taste... More 

Marathon Merit Badge 26.2

CODE: m001n00015


Marathon Merit Badge 26.2.  Participating in a marathon is a tremendous accomplishment.  You have earned this merit badge if; You have... More 

Time Out Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00014


Time Out Merit Badge. Bad Boy, Bad Boy, what you goin' to do.  Go to time out!  We all know someone who deserves to be in time out.  You... More 

Running on Empty Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00013


Running on Empty Merit Badge.  You can certainly be "out of gas" in more ways than one.  You may have earned this merit badge if; The... More 

5K Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00012


5K Merit Badge. This merit badge is straight forward.  You have earned this merit badge if; You have Ran or walked in a 5K event.  Sorry... More 

Improvised Restroom Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00011


Improvised Restroom Merit Badge. You are stuck in the outdoors, hopefully not the indoors, and you receive a call from Mother Nature. What do you do?... More 

Squirrel Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00010


Squirrel Merit Badge. The movie “UP” was the inspiration for this one.  The dog was talking and all of a sudden throws his head to the... More 

S'mores Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00009


S'mores Merit Badge. S'mores are the all American camping treat.  Marshmallows, chocolate bar and graham crakers all "smooshed" together.  You... More 

Alternative TP Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00008


Alternative TP Merit Badge. You may have at one time or another been caught in a moment of distress and not had available commercially produced toilet... More 

Scoutmaster Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00007


Scoutmaster Merit Badge is a deserved merit badge for a scoutmaster who has helped boy scouts get their merit badges. Reward your scoutmaster with this merit badge.

Road Kill Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00006


Road Kill Merit Badge. You have seen the evidence of earning this merit badge on every street and road. Sad as it may be accidents do happen. You have... More 

Snoring Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00005


Snoring Merit Badge. Wow, I can't believe that noise is coming out of your mouth.  There are alls kinds of snorers.  You have earned this merit... More 

Cat Herding Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00004


The Cat Herding Merit Badge is for all those who have gone above the call of duty in trying to have structured activities with young men. Order the merit badge for those who deserve.

Adult Beverage Drinking Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00003


Adult Beverage Drinking Merit Badge. Here's one for the road (or two).  Know anyone who drinks a little too much?  You might have earned this... More 

Coffee Drinking Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00002


Coffee Drinking Merit Badge. Do you have a hard time even moving in the morning until you have had your first cup of coffee?  You might have earned... More 

Duck Tape Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00001


Duck Tape Merit Badge. No matter how you spell it there is no more universal repair kit than Duck Tape.  You have earned this merit badge if; You... More 

Marshmallow Roasting Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00037


Marshmallow Roasting Merit Badge. The perfect roasted marshmallow; golden brown on the outside and gooy on the inside.  Or is it, burnt black on the... More 

Invitation to Traffic School Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00039


Invitation to Traffic School Merit Badge. Don't you just hate it when you see the red and blue lights in your rear view mirror?  You know they are... More 

Vehicle Customizaton Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00017


Vehicle Customizaton Merit Badge. Most of you would think that to qualify for this merit badge you would need some mechanical ability.  Wrong. ... More 

Incendaries Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00020


Incendaries Merit Badge. Fire in the hole.  This merit badge is for those who love blowing things up.  You may have earned this merit badge if;... More 

Outlet Optimization Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00021


Outlet Optimization Merit Badge. This drives IT guys and fire marshalls nuts.  Creative as it looks it may not be safe.  You may have earned... More 

Disorienteering Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00022


Disorienteering Merit Badge. You have heard someone say "he or she doesn't know up".  This merit badge is for those who don't now North, East, South... More 

Fart Lighting Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00031


Fart Lighting Merit Badge. Commonly referred to as "Blue Darts".  After having attended camp with a bunch of girls I don't believe this is strictly... More 

Mosquito Hunting Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00035


Mosquito Hunting Merit Badge. Got ya! you little blood sucker. You may have earned this merit badge if; YOu have been the victum of a swarm of... More 

Belching Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00034


Belching Merit Badge. We all have a little burp periodically.  That is not what we are talking about here.  You may have earned this merit... More 

Fun Meter Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00030


Fun Meter Merit Badge. Are we having fun yet?  You may have earned this merit badge if; You had so much fun doing an activity that you wet your... More 

Crop Dusting Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00033


Crop Dusting Merit Badge. Larry the Cable Guy calls this the walking farts.  You may have earned this merit badge if; Youhave a tendancy to break... More 

Pirate Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00025


Pirate Merit Badge. Ahoy matey!  You may have earned this merit badge if; You swoop in and take over a project that was not intended for you to... More 

Knot Tying Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00024


Knot Tying Merit Badge. Sheep Bend?  Who wants to bend a sheep?  Every Boy Scout is taught to tie knots.  You may have earned this merit... More 

ID Ten T Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00027


ID Ten T Merit Badge. If someone tells you that the problem you are experiencing is the result of an ID ten T error they are not giving you a... More 

Tent Burning Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00023


Tent Burning Merit Badge. I know that is is cold outside but a campfire inside your tent?  Really?  You may have earned this merit badge if;... More 

Boat Sinking Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00029


Boat Sinking Merit Badge. May day, may day, we are going down.  You may have earned this merit badge if; You were an original passenger on the... More 

Toilet Clogging Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00028


Toilet Clogging Merit Badge. Being "regular" doesn't mean every third day.  You may have earned this merit badge if; You have waited so long to... More 

Snipe Hunting Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00032


Snipe Hunting Merit Badge. Shush.  These are vey illusive animals.  I know they are out ther somewhere.  You may have earned this merit... More 

Rocket Science Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00026


Rocket Science Merit Badge. You know this isn't rocket science, or is it?  You may have earned this merit badge if; You have ever been tasked to... More 

Cell Phone Addicition Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00019


Cell Phone Addicition Merit Badge. Do you sleep with your cell phone?  You have earned this merit badge if;   Remember you can award this... More 

Listening Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00018


Listening Merit Badge. Can you hear me now?  You have earned this merit badge if;   Remember you can award this merit badge to someone... More 

Pinewood Derby Racing Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00042


Pinewood Derby Racing Merit Badge. On your mark.  Get set.  GO!  You have earned this merit badge if; You have competed in a Pinewood... More 

Text Messaging Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00043


Text Messaging Merit Badge. Look at those fingers go!  You have earned this merit badge if;   Remember you can award this merit badge to... More 

Shark Fishing Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00044


Shark Fishing Merit Badge. Talk about not letting the big ones get away.   You have earned this merit badge if;   Remember you can award... More 

Some Assembly Required Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00045


Some Assembly Required Merit Badge. You buy that "easy to assemble" item and they send you a 100 page manual.   You have earned this merit... More 

Deer in the Headlights Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00046


Deer in the Headlights Merit Badge. Your friend walks up to you and there it is,  the deer in the headlights look.   You have earned this... More 

Easy Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00047


Easy Merit Badge. Really?  It is usually not that easy.   You have earned this merit badge if; You have accomplished what seemed to be... More 

Boot Burning Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00048


Boot Burning Merit Badge. You have been hiking all day in the wet weather and now it is time to "dry" your shoes.   You have earned this merit... More 

One Match Fire Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00049


One Match Fire Merit Badge. When is the last time you saw someone do it.  It is harder than you think.   You have earned this merit badge... More 

Frequent Flyer Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00050


Frequent Flyer Merit Badge. Do you consider the Holiday Inn to be your permanent residence?   You have earned this merit badge if; You fly... More 

Whole Box of Matches Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00051


Whole Box of Matches Merit Badge. One match my butt.  There is no way you can start a fire with one match.   You have earned this merit badge... More 

Snoring Merit Badge (Tent)

CODE: m001n00052


Snoring Merit Badge (Tent). We are going to need a larger campsite.   You have earned this merit badge if; You started the night with other tents... More 

Heavy Pack Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00053


Heavy Pack Merit Badge. Your load is more than you can handle.   You have earned this merit badge if; You are a headed on a hike and you keep... More 

Pizza Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00054


Pizza Merit Badge. Breakfast of champions.   You have earned this merit badge if; You decide.  Is it the quanitity, quality, uniqueness,... More 

First Flight Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00056


First Flight Merit Badge. This is my first time.  Really? The options are endless.   You have earned this merit badge if; Obviously you went... More 

Credit Card Addiction Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00057


Credit Card Addiction Merit Badge. We don't need no stinking cash.  We have a debit card.  You have earned this merit badge if; You never... More 

Knuckle Head Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00058


Knuckle Head Merit Badge. Obvious one here.  You have earned this merit badge if; You are a knuckle head. Remember you can award this merit... More 

Heart Attack Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00059


Heart Attack Merit Badge. Two ways to earn this one.  You have earned this merit badge if; You have one and survived or You caused one through... More 

Grilling Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00060


Grilling Merit Badge. This is probably a guy thing.  You have earned this merit badge if; You consider yourself a world class "griller" (doesn't... More 

Summit Merit Badge

CODE: r001n13387


Summit Merit Badge.  Mint condition.

Red Bull Merit Badge

CODE: r001n13388


Red Bull Merit Badge.  Mint condition.

Birthday Merit Badge

CODE: r001n13386d


Birthday Merit Badge. A birthday is a time of rejoicing, celebration and reflection.  You have earned this merit badge if; You have a birthday.... More 

Storm Chasing Merit Badge

CODE: r001n13384


Storm Chasing Merit Badge.  Mint condition.

Ladder Diving Merit Badge

CODE: r001n13383


Ladder Diving Merit Badge.  Mint condition.

No BP (British Petroleum) Merit Badge

CODE: r001n08366d


No BP (British Petroleum) Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Arachnophobia Merit Badge

CODE: r001n08365


Arachnophobia Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Pink Panther PM 2010 NJ

CODE: c001n12505


Pink Panther PM 2010 NJ. Mint condition.

Fishing Fly PM 2010 NJ

CODE: c001n12509


Fishing Fly PM 2010 NJ. Mint condition.

Gladiators PM 2010 NJ

CODE: c001n12489


Gladiators PM 2010 NJ. Mint condition.

Venturing Trained Patch

CODE: r007n00004


Venturing Trained Patch. Mint condition.

Cubmaster Trained Patch

CODE: r007n00003


Cubmaster Trained Patch. Mint condition.

Cub Scout Leader Trained Patch

CODE: r007n00008


Cub Scout Leader Trained Patch. Mint condition.

Commissioner Trained Patch

CODE: r007n00006


Commissioner Trained Patch. Mint condition.

Woodbadge Knot Four Bead Blue

CODE: r002n05202


Woodbadge Knot Four Bead Blue. Mint condition.

Woodbadge Knot Two Bead Blue

CODE: r002n05200


Woodbadge Knot Two Bead Blue. Mint condition.

Southern Drawl Interpreter Strip

CODE: r003n08732


Southern Drawl Interpreter Strip. Mint condition.

Klingon Interpreter Strip

CODE: r002n05259


Klingon Interpreter Strip. Mint condition.

English Interpreter Strip

CODE: r002n05260


English Interpreter Strip. Mint condition.

Computerese Interpreter Strip

CODE: r002n05258


Computerese Interpreter Strip. Mint condition.

Vigil Knot

CODE: r002n05209d


Vigil Knot. Mint condition.

Woodbadge Knot Three Bead Blue

CODE: r002n05201


Woodbadge Knot Three Bead Blue. Mint condition.

Brooklynese Interpreter Strip

CODE: r002n05257


Brooklynese Interpreter Strip. Mint condition.

Web Techie Interpreter Strip

CODE: r002n05256


Web Techie Interpreter Strip. Mint condition.

Lenni Lenape Interpreter Strip

CODE: r002n05255


Lenni Lenape Interpreter Strip. Mint condition.

Texacan Interpreter Strip

CODE: r002n05254


Texacan Interpreter Strip. Mint condition.

Ebonics Interpreter Strip

CODE: r002n05253


Ebonics Interpreter Strip. Mint condition.

Yankee Interpreter Strip

CODE: r002n05252


Yankee Interpreter Strip. Mint condition.

Big Bucks Knot BLK Border

CODE: r002n05213


Big Bucks Knot BLK Border. Mint condition.

Spanglish Interpreter Strip

CODE: r002n05250


Spanglish Interpreter Strip. Mint condition.

eBSA eBay Bidding Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06227


eBSA eBay Bidding Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Magic Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06230


Magic Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Frisbee Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06235


Frisbee Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Personal Fatness Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06236


Personal Fatness Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Fast Food Eating Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06237


Fast Food Eating Merit Badge

Slacker Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06238


Slacker Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Mumbly Peg Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06239


Mumbly Peg Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Scuba Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06240


Scuba Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Surfing Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06241


Surfing Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Mountian Biking Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06244


Mountian Biking Merit Badge. Mint condition.