Spoof Patches

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Looking for some fun and whacky spoof badges? You've come to the right place! Get your merit badge in adult drinking! (Amongst other things). Look around at our spoof patches and find the ones that fit you best!

Time Out Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00014


The Time Out Merit Badge is earned by those who always seem to be needing time outs. Used as a joke this time out merit badge can be a great spoof badge for your scouts.

Running on Empty Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00013


Running on Empty Merit Badge.  You can certainly be "out of gas" in more ways than one.  You may have earned this merit badge if; The... More 

5K Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00012


5K Merit Badge. This merit badge is straight forward.  You have earned this merit badge if; You have Ran or walked in a 5K event.  Sorry... More 

Improvised Restroom Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00011


Improvised Restroom Merit Badge. You are stuck in the outdoors, hopefully not the indoors, and you receive a call from Mother Nature. What do you do?... More 

Squirrel Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00010


Squirrel Merit Badge. The movie “UP” was the inspiration for this one.  The dog was talking and all of a sudden throws his head to the... More 

S'mores Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00009


S'mores Merit Badge. S'mores are the all American camping treat.  Marshmallows, chocolate bar and graham crakers all "smooshed" together.  You... More 

Alternative TP Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00008


Alternative TP Merit Badge. You may have at one time or another been caught in a moment of distress and not had available commercially produced toilet... More 

Scoutmaster Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00007


Scoutmaster Merit Badge is a deserved merit badge for a scoutmaster who has helped boy scouts get their merit badges. Reward your scoutmaster with this merit badge.