Spoof Patches

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Looking for some fun and whacky spoof badges? You've come to the right place! Get your merit badge in adult drinking! (Amongst other things). Look around at our spoof patches and find the ones that fit you best!

Snoring Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00005


Snoring Merit Badge. Wow, I can't believe that noise is coming out of your mouth.  There are alls kinds of snorers.  You have earned this merit... More 

Cat Herding Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00004


The Cat Herding Merit Badge is for all those who have gone above the call of duty in trying to have structured activities with young men. Order the merit badge for those who deserve.

Adult Beverage Drinking Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00003


Adult Beverage Drinking Merit Badge. Here's one for the road (or two).  Know anyone who drinks a little too much?  You might have earned this... More 

Coffee Drinking Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00002


Coffee Drinking Merit Badge. Do you have a hard time even moving in the morning until you have had your first cup of coffee?  You might have earned... More 

Duck Tape Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00001


Duck Tape Merit Badge. No matter how you spell it there is no more universal repair kit than Duck Tape.  You have earned this merit badge if; You... More 

Marshmallow Roasting Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00037


Marshmallow Roasting Merit Badge. The perfect roasted marshmallow; golden brown on the outside and gooy on the inside.  Or is it, burnt black on the... More 

Invitation to Traffic School Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00039


Invitation to Traffic School Merit Badge. Don't you just hate it when you see the red and blue lights in your rear view mirror?  You know they are... More 

Vehicle Customizaton Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00017


Vehicle Customizaton Merit Badge. Most of you would think that to qualify for this merit badge you would need some mechanical ability.  Wrong. ... More