Spoof Merit Badges

Spoof Merit Badges

Give Your Scouts a Good Laugh with Spoof Merit Badges

Spoof merit badges are a unique way to make scouting just a little more fun. With these patches you will be able to reward the craziest of accomplishments, and have a good laugh. Browse a wide variety of merit badges here

Primitive Fire Making Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00055


Primitive Fire Making Merit Badge. How did they make fire before matches?   You have earned this merit badge if; You were able to start a fire... More 

Ninja Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00041


Give your Scouts something to laugh at with a Ninja Merit Badge. Reward your a scout for their funny antics with a Ninja Merit Badge.

Superhero Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00040


The Superhero Merit Badge is for those scouts who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for the betterment of their patrol... or for anything you and your scouting patrol deem as "super".

Nerd Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00038


The nerd merit badge is a great way to have some fun with your more "book smart" scouts. Order the nerd merit badge today for some spoof merit badge fun! 

Winter Camping Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00036


The Winter Camping Merit Badge signifies that the Scout has been through a camp out in a harsh winter environment and came out on top. Get a winter camping merit badge today.

Dutch Oven Cooking Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00016


Dutch Oven Cooking Merit Badge. You can cook almost anything in a dutch oven.  It has been said that anything you cook in a dutch oven will taste... More 

Marathon Merit Badge 26.2

CODE: m001n00015


Marathon Merit Badge 26.2.  Participating in a marathon is a tremendous accomplishment.  You have earned this merit badge if; You have... More 

Time Out Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00014


The Time Out Merit Badge is earned by those who always seem to be needing time outs. Used as a joke this time out merit badge can be a great spoof badge for your scouts.