Spoof Merit Badges

Spoof Merit Badges

Give Your Scouts a Good Laugh with Spoof Merit Badges

Spoof merit badges are a unique way to make scouting just a little more fun. With these patches you will be able to reward the craziest of accomplishments, and have a good laugh. Browse a wide variety of merit badges here

Remote Control Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06245


Remote Control Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Renewable Energy Merit Badge

CODE: r001n13373


Renewable Energy Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Road Kill Grilling Merit Badge

CODE: r001n08844


Road Kill Grilling Merit Badge. Mint condition. Someone said if you hit it you should eat it? Your chances of survival are better if you are the one who... More 

Road Kill Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00006


Road Kill Merit Badge. You have seen the evidence of earning this merit badge on every street and road. Sad as it may be accidents do happen. You have... More 

Robot Building Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06264


Robot Building Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Rocket Science Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00026


Rocket Science Merit Badge. You know this isn't rocket science, or is it?  You may have earned this merit badge if; You have ever been tasked to... More 

Running on Empty Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00013


Running on Empty Merit Badge.  You can certainly be "out of gas" in more ways than one.  You may have earned this merit badge if; The... More 

S'mores Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00009


S'mores Merit Badge. S'mores are the all American camping treat.  Marshmallows, chocolate bar and graham crakers all "smooshed" together.  You... More 

Scoutmaster Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00007


Scoutmaster Merit Badge is a deserved merit badge for a scoutmaster who has helped boy scouts get their merit badges. Reward your scoutmaster with this merit badge.

Scuba Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06240


Scuba Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Shark Fishing Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00044


Shark Fishing Merit Badge. Talk about not letting the big ones get away.   You have earned this merit badge if;   Remember you can award... More 

Shopping Cart Racing Merit Badge

CODE: r001n08576


Shopping Cart Racing Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Sky Diving Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06249


Sky Diving Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Slacker Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06238


Slacker Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Snipe Hunting Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00032


Snipe Hunting Merit Badge. Shush.  These are vey illusive animals.  I know they are out ther somewhere.  You may have earned this merit... More 

Snoring Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00005


Snoring Merit Badge. Wow, I can't believe that noise is coming out of your mouth.  There are alls kinds of snorers.  You have earned this merit... More 

Snoring Merit Badge (Tent)

CODE: m001n00052


Snoring Merit Badge (Tent). We are going to need a larger campsite.   You have earned this merit badge if; You started the night with other tents... More 

Snow Art Merit Badge

CODE: r001n08839


Snow Art Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Some Assembly Required Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00045


Some Assembly Required Merit Badge. You buy that "easy to assemble" item and they send you a 100 page manual.   You have earned this merit... More 

Space Trekking Merit Badge

CODE: r001n08363


Space Trekking Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Squirrel Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00010


Squirrel Merit Badge. The movie “UP” was the inspiration for this one.  The dog was talking and all of a sudden throws his head to the... More 

Storm Chasing Merit Badge

CODE: r001n13384


Storm Chasing Merit Badge.  Mint condition.

Summit Merit Badge

CODE: r001n13387


Summit Merit Badge.  Mint condition.

Super Hero Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00040


Super Hero Merit Badge.

Surfing Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06241


Surfing Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Tent Burning Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00023


Tent Burning Merit Badge. I know that is is cold outside but a campfire inside your tent?  Really?  You may have earned this merit badge if;... More 

Text Messaging Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00043


Text Messaging Merit Badge. Look at those fingers go!  You have earned this merit badge if;   Remember you can award this merit badge to... More 

Tick Removal Merit Badge

CODE: r001n09276


Tick Removal Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Time Out Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00014


Time Out Merit Badge. Bad Boy, Bad Boy, what you goin' to do.  Go to time out!  We all know someone who deserves to be in time out.  You... More 

TiVo Merit Badge

CODE: r001n13366


TiVo Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Toilet Clogging Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00028


Toilet Clogging Merit Badge. Being "regular" doesn't mean every third day.  You may have earned this merit badge if; You have waited so long to... More 

Twitter Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06263


Twitter Merit Badge. Mint condition.

U Tube Merit Badge

CODE: r001n13362


U Tube Merit Badge. Mint condition.

UFO Sighting Merit Badge

CODE: r001n08837


UFO Sighting Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Under Water Basket Weaving Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06248


Under Water Basket Weaving Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Underwear Burning Merit Badge

CODE: r001n09278


Underwear Burning Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Vehicle Customizaton Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00017


Vehicle Customizaton Merit Badge. Most of you would think that to qualify for this merit badge you would need some mechanical ability.  Wrong. ... More 

Walmart Shopping Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06256


Walmart Shopping Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Whiner Merit Badge

CODE: r001n08577


Whiner Merit Badge. Mint condition. We have all had to deal with them.  The person that complains about everything and as my grand dad used to say... More 

Whitewater Kayaking Merit Badge

CODE: r001n08575


Whitewater Kayaking Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Whole Box of Matches Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00051


Whole Box of Matches Merit Badge. One match my butt.  There is no way you can start a fire with one match.   You have earned this merit badge... More 

Wii Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06266


Wii Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Winter Camping Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00036


Winter Camping Merit Badge.

World Peace Merit Badge

CODE: r001n13375


World Peace Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Worm Drowning Merit Badge

CODE: r001n09280


Worm Drowning Merit Badge. Mint condition.

X Box Merit Badge

CODE: r001n08364


X Box Merit Badge. Mint condition.