Pro Wheel Mandrel



The Pro-Mandrel is used to hold wheels in the chuck of a drill or a lathe in order to polish or machine the wheels. Benefits include:

  • Accurately machined shaft allows for precision use in any drill chuck or Dremel-type tool.
  • Step-down on shaft allows BSA wheels to be mounted with the 'spokes' facing the drill chuck, simplifying work on the inside edge of the tread.
  • Knurled thumb screw eliminates the need to use a screwdriver to mount a wheel (a clumsy operation with the standard mandrel).
  • Beveled thumb screw ensures that the wheel mounts accurately on the mandrel.
  • Screw can be replaced should it be lost or bent.


  • The narrow shaft of the Pro-Mandrel is intended for use in a Dremel-like tool,or a drill with a small chuck. When mounting the Pro-Mandrel in a standard drill,drill press,or lathe,fasten the chuck around the wide portion of the shaft.
  • The face of the Pro-Mandrel has a step-down to allow mounting BSA wheels with the spokes facing towards the mandrel. This simplifies polishing the inside edge of the wheel.
  • The Pro-Mandrel screw has a beveled face to ensure that the wheel is centered on the mandrel screw. For best results,wiggle the wheel slightly as the screw is tightened.
  • The Pro-Mandrel screw is intended to be hand tightened. Tighten until the wheel is firmly in place,but do not over tighten as the wheel could be damaged. This is especially important for wheels made with a softer plastic, such as those supplied by Awana.


Racer's Tip: Square the Wheel Hub first with the Pro Hub Tool For greater accuracy.

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