Scout Bow Drill Fire Kit

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A fire is created by rapidly spinning the dowel-like "spindle" back and forth in a hole in a fireboard below it. Downward pressure and speed grinds wood powder from the two wood surfaces while generating intense heat. A notch in the fireboard allows the wood powder to collect at one point, where it gets hot, then smoulders and glows red. Then the glowing coal is transferred to a "tinder bundle", basically a wad of soft, dry, fibrous material shaped like a bird's nest, and blown into flame.

Scout bow drill fire kit includes: 

  • (1) Fire Bow
  • (1) Cottonwood Fire Board
  • (1) Hardwood Palm Board
  • (1) Hickory Spindle
  • (1) Leather Coal Catcher

Fire Ready, straight out of the box!

Each set has been burned in and tested prior to shipping so you will get smoke immediately upon bowing. Cottonwood is used for the fire board and spindles so you will get faster and more consistent fires. The ceramic palm rock virtually eliminates friction for easier fire starting. The cord used for the bow string is a static cord, which has been chosen specifically NOT to stretch like 550 para-cord (parachute cord). This keeps your spindle firmly in place over many uses, and leads to more consistent fire starting.

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