Council Issued Items

Boy Scout Items

Council Issued Boy Scout Items

Find BSA Council Issued boy scout items on sale now. We stock these hard-to-find items to better serve our customers. Order your boy scout patches, badges and other items today!

Gulf Ridge CSP S-3


Longs Peak Red and White


Greater New York CSP SA-160


Senior Scouts I've Cruised the Colorado Patch


Cache Valley CSP T-1 Real


Trapper Trails CSP SA-57


Valyermo Camp Patch Los Angeles Police on ...


1947 Utah National Parks Camper Pin Camp M...


Lodge 56 Flap F-1,5 ?


1953 Camp Maple Dell Felt Patch Cherokee


Utah National Park CSP Council History Set


Lodge 520 Flap F-2b


Lodge 464 Neckerchief with P-1


Direct Service Ghana West Africa CSP Set


Potawatomi Area CSP SA-51


Potawatomi Area CSP SA-80