Council Issued Items

Boy Scout Items

Council Issued Boy Scout Items

Find BSA Council Issued boy scout items on sale now. We stock these hard-to-find items to better serve our customers. Order your boy scout patches, badges and other items today!

Lodge 520 Patch Coup Trail

CODE: b219n00021


Lodge 520 Patch Coup Trail.  Mint condition.

Great Salt Lake Patch 1950s

CODE: b219n00022


Great Salt Lake Patch 1950s.  Used as the base patch for the activity strips from the 1950s and 1960s.  Limited availability.  Mint condition. More 

Trail of Freedom 1976 Patch

CODE: b219n00024


Trail of Freedom 1976 Patch.  Mint condition.

Pioneer District Patch

CODE: b219n00025


Pioneer District Patch.  USED but in very good condition.

Pioneer District Patch

CODE: b219n00027


Pioneer District Patch.  Mint condition.

Great Salt Lake Patch Leave No Trace

CODE: b219n00026


Great Salt Lake Patch Leave No Trace.  Mint condition.

Northeast Illinois CSP SA-22

CODE: c024n60132


Northeast Illinois CSP SA-22. Mint condition.

National Capital Area CSP S-5

CODE: c024n82025


National Capital Area CSP S-5. Mint condition.

Toledo Area CSP SA-3

CODE: c024n42601


Toledo Area CSP SA-3.  Mint condition.

Catalina CSP SA-58

CODE: c024n60070


Catalina CSP SA-58. Mint condition.

Catalina CSP SA-59

CODE: c024n60071


Catalina CSP SA-59. Mint condition.

Catalina CSP SA-64

CODE: c024n60072


Catalina CSP SA-64. Mint condition.

Catalina CSP SA-69

CODE: c024n60073


Catalina CSP SA-69. Mint condition.

Grand Canyon CSP SA-13

CODE: c024n60074


Grand Canyon CSP SA-13. Mint condition

Southwest Florida S-4

CODE: c024n60075


Southwest Florida S-4. Mint condition.

Inland Northwest CSP SA-16

CODE: c024n60076


Inland Northwest CSP SA-16. Mint condition.

Inland Northwest CSP SA-17

CODE: c024n60077


Inland Northwest CSP SA-17. Mint condition.

Blue Mountain CSP SA-9

CODE: c024n60078


Blue Mountain CSP SA-9. Mint condition.

Catalina CSP SA-68

CODE: c024n60081


Catalina CSP SA-68. Mint condition.

Catalina CSP SA-70

CODE: c024n60082


Catalina CSP SA-70. Mint condition.

Catalina CSP SA-72

CODE: c024n60083


Catalina CSP SA-72. Mint condition.

Catalina CSP SA-73

CODE: c024n60084


Catalina CSP SA-73. Mint condition.

Catalina CSP SA-65

CODE: c024n60085


Catalina CSP SA-65. Mint condition.

Concilio de Puerto Rico CSP S-18

CODE: c024n60086


Concilio de Puerto Rico CSP S-18. Mint condition.

Orange County CSP SA-23

CODE: c024n60087


Orange County CSP SA-23. Mint condition.

Western Colorado CSP S-87

CODE: c024n60088


Western Colorado CSP S-87. Mint condition.

Nevada Area CSP S-5a

CODE: c024n03300


Nevada Area CSP S-5a. Mint condition.

Nevada Area CSP T-2

CODE: c024n81235


Nevada Area CSP T-2

Western Colorado CSP S-5

CODE: c024n60066


Western Colorado CSP S-5. Mint condition.

Desert Pacific CSP S-10

CODE: c024n60067


Desert Pacific CSP S-10. Mint condition.

West Tennessee Area CS S-8

CODE: c024n60068


West Tennessee Area CS S-8. Mint condition.

Ozarks CSP T-1b

CODE: c024n60069


Ozarks CSP T-1b. Mint condition.