UNPC Miscellaneous

Footsteps of the Founders fob

CODE: b018n01795


Footsteps of the Founders fob. Excellent condition.

Monte L. Bean Musuem Patch

CODE: b024n13401


Monte L. Bean Musuem Patch. Mint condition.

Utah County Trails Patch

CODE: b025n13382


Utah County Trails Patch. Excellent condition.

Rainbow Canyons Trail Patch

CODE: b025n13385


Rainbow Canyons Trail Patch. Mint condition.

UNPC Explorer River Expedition Patch

CODE: b026n08796


UNPC Explorer River Expedition Patch. Excellent condition.

Utah National Parks Woodbadge Set

CODE: b029n03600


Utah National Parks Woodbadge Set. Mint condition.

Gorge-Us Getaway Patch

CODE: b037n09105


Gorge-Us Getaway Patch. Mint condition.

Museum of Peoples and Cultures Patch

CODE: b039n13132


Museum of Peoples and Cultures Patch. Mint condition.

1976 SUSC Merit Badge Pow Wow Patch

CODE: b040n09216


1976 SUSC Merit Badge Pow Wow Patch. Mint condition.

Utah National Parks Council Applied Concep. of Exp

CODE: b048n12110


Utah National Parks Council Applied Concepts of Exploring Patch. Mint condition.

Kolob Arches Trail Segment

CODE: b052n13695


Kolob Arches Trail Segment. Mint condition.

West Rim Trail Segment

CODE: b052n13696


West Rim Trail Segment. Mint condition.

Zions Narrows Trail Segment

CODE: b052n13697


Zions Narrows Trail Segment. Mint condition.