Council Patches - CP

Nevada Area CP

CODE: b218n00004


Nevada Area CP.  Mint condition.

San Gabriel Valley CP

CODE: c009n00118


San Gabriel Valley CP.  Mint condition.

Detroit Area CP

CODE: a019n35084


Detroit Area CP.  Mint condition.

Rocky Mountain CP

CODE: a020n35143


Rocky Mountain CP.  Mint condition.

Santa Clara County CP

CODE: a020n35144


Santa Clara County CP.  Mint condition.

Transatlantic CP

CODE: a020n35173


Transatlantic CP.  USED but in very good condition.

Theodore Roosevelt CP

CODE: a020n35174


Theodore Roosevelt CP.  Mint condition.

Kit Carson CP

CODE: a020n35176


Kit Carson CP.  Mint condition.

Los Angeles Area CP

CODE: a020n35177


Los Angeles Area CP.  Mint condition.

Mid America CP

CODE: a020n35178


Mid America CP.  Mint condition.

Cascade Pacific CP 85th Anniversary

CODE: b213n00014


Cascade Pacific CP 85th Anniversary.  Mint condition.

Columbia Pacific CP

CODE: b213n00016


Columbia Pacific CP.  USED but in good condition.

Adirondack CP

CODE: c024n42247


Adirondack CP.  Mint condition.

Teton Peaks CP

CODE: a025n35500


Teton Peaks CP.  Mint condition.

Sonoma Mendocino Area CP with SOR and COR Segments

CODE: b210n00090


Sonoma Mendocino Area CP with Scout O Rama and Camporee Segments.  Patch and SOR segment are both USED and in fair condition. Camporee segment is in... More 

Lake Bonneville CP

CODE: b206n00072


Lake Bonneville CP.  USED but in good condition.