Trail Items

Trail of Freedom 1976 Patch

CODE: b219n00024


Trail of Freedom 1976 Patch.  Mint condition.

Falcon Trail Patch

CODE: a019n35057


Falcon Trail Patch.  Mint condition.

Indiana Trail Patch 100 Miler

CODE: a019n35067


Indiana Trail Patch 100 Miler.  USED but in good condition.

Lincoln Pilgrimmage 1973 Patch

CODE: a020n35099


Lincoln Pilgrimmage 1973 Patch.  Detroit Area Council.  Very good condition.

CUWE Wilderness Trail Neckerchief

CODE: b250n00048


CUWE Wilderness Trail Neckerchief.  USEd but in good condition.

Shiloh Military Trail Patch

CODE: a025n35507


Shiloh Military Trail Patch.  USED but in good condition.

Chickamauga Trails Patch

CODE: a025n35510


Chickamauga Trails Patch.  USED but in good condition.

Spanish Trail Patch Twill Material

CODE: a023n35294


Spanish Trail Patch Twill Material.  Mint condition.

Handicapped awareness Trail Pin Back

CODE: a024n35423


Handicapped awareness Trail Pin Back.  Excellent condition.

Great Western Trail Patch Utah Section Summer

CODE: b215n00079


Great Western Trail Patch Utah Section Summer.  Mint condition.

Wyandotte Trail Patch

CODE: b061n25211


Wyandotte Trail Patch. Mint condition.

Appalachian Trail Patch Yellow Border

CODE: b052n19173


Appalachian Trail Patch Yellow Border. Mint condition.

King's Road Historical Trails Patch

CODE: b052n19169


King's Road Historical Trails Patch. Mint condition.