Cub Scout Books

Cub Scout Books

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Cub Scout Books have been a stepping stone in the scouting program for decades. With the many years that Cub Scouts have been a program, there have been books dedicated to providing the instruction and tools the scout needs to progress. Browse our selection of Cub Scout Books memorabilia, and get something from the past.

How Book of Cub Scouting 1962


Den Chief Handbook 1990


Cubmasters Packbook 1970


Lion Cubbook


The Wolf Cubbook 1945


The Wolf Cubbook 1946


The Wolf Cubbook 1939


Cubmaster's Packbook 1964


Lion-Webelos Book 1963


Introduction to Cub Scout Sports Progra...


Pack Committee Book 1979


Pack Committee Book 1970


Cub Scout Songbook 1966


Cub Scout Songbook 1972


Cub Scout Leader Recognition Plan Pamphlet


Cub Scout Leader Fast Start Booklet