Type 3 MBP Tan Cover 1925 - 1938

Farm Home and Its Planning

CODE: c024n34636


Farm Home and Its Planning. March 1938 printing.

Bookbinding MBP

CODE: c024n34637


Bookbinding MBP. October 1937 printing. Cover taped.

Atomic Energy Merit Badge Book

CODE: c024n34627


Atomic Energy Merit Badge Book. Prototype printing. Very good condition.

Bird Study MBP

CODE: c024n34346


Bird Study MBP. February 1931 printing. Very good condition.

Cooking MBP

CODE: c024n34217


Cooking MBP. October 1936 printing. Good condition.

Horsemanship MBP

CODE: c024n34147


Horsemanship MBP. March 1934 printing. Fair condition. Cover taped.

Horsemanship MBP

CODE: c024n34148


Horsemanship MBP. April 1932 printing. Good condition.

Leather Working MBP

CODE: c024n34149


Leather Working MBP. Copyright 1926. Very good condition.