Type 5B MBP Red and White Cover 1945 - 1952

Coin Collecting MBP

CODE: s001n20119


Coin Collecting MBP. October 1945 printing. Cover almost off. Fair condition.

Electricity MBP

CODE: s001n20118


Electricity MBP. December 1946 printing. Good condition.

Public Health MBP

CODE: s001n20116


Public Health MBP. June 1949 printing. Good condition.

Soil Management MBP

CODE: s001n15617


Soil Management MBP. Mint condition.

Public Speaking MBP

CODE: s001n07739


Public Speaking MBP. April 1950 printing. Used but good condition.

Public Health MBP

CODE: s001n09728


Public Health MBP. June 1946 printing. Fair to good condition.

Canoeing MBP

CODE: s001n09738


Canoeing MBP. May 1950 printing. Very good condition.

Cooking MBP

CODE: s001n09739


Cooking MBP. January 1949 printing. Very good condition.

Swimming MBP

CODE: s001n09742


Swimming MBP. March 1951 printing. Good condition.

Personal Health MBP

CODE: s001n09746


Personal Health MBP. February 1946 printing. Good condition.

Life Saving MBP

CODE: s001n09747


Life Saving MBP. September 1951 printing. Good condition.

First Aid MBP

CODE: s001n09748


First Aid MBP. February 1952 printing. Very good condition.

Life Saving MBP

CODE: s001n09925


Life Saving MBP. April 1946 printing. Very good condition.

Rowing MBP

CODE: s001n10445


Rowing MBP. July 1948 printing. Excellent condition.

Painting MBP

CODE: s001n13010


Painting MBP. June 1949 Printing. Very Good Condition.

Electricity MBP

CODE: s001n13028


Electricity MBP. October 1945 Printing. Good Condition.