Type 5B MBP Red and White Cover 1945 - 1952

Animal Industry MBP

CODE: s001n25354


Animal Industry MBP. June 1946 printing. Very good condition.

Machinery MBP

CODE: s001n25355


Machinery MBP. September 1945 printing. Very good condition.

Bird Study MBP

CODE: s001n25357


Bird Study MBP. December 1944 printing. Good condition.

Finger Printing MBP

CODE: s001n25358


Finger Printing MBP. February 1946 printing. Very good condition.

Forestry MBP

CODE: s001n25360


Forestry MBP. October 1952 printing. Stained and faded.

Physical Development MBP

CODE: s001n20138


Physical Development MBP. December 1946 printing. USED but in good condition.

Photography MBP

CODE: s001n20137


Photography MBP. March 1946 printing. Very good condition.

Landscape Gardening MBP

CODE: s001n20135


Landscape Gardening MBP. November 1945 printing. Cover is split but still attached. Good condition.