Cub Scout Awards

Cub Scouts Awards

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Cub Scouts has been a stepping stone to becoming an Eagle Scout for years and years. Its tradition has prepared boys to become young men for years now. Cub Scouts Awards show the effort and the determination of young boys to better themselves and reach new heights. Following are Cub Scout Awards from the past to the present. Awards that have given pride to many a young boy over the years.

Old Style Webelos Engineer Pin


Old Style Webelos Outdoorsman Pin


Space Rocket Derby Medal White


Old Style Webelos Swimmer Pin


Old Style Webelos Handiman Pin


Raingutter Regatta Medal Gold


Old Style Webelos Artist Pin Type 1


Old Style Webelos Craftsman Pin


Webelos Naturalist Pin


Old Style Webelos Artist Pin Type 2


Skiing Belt Loop


Volleyball Sports Pin


Tennis Sports Pin


Skating Cub Scout Sport Award


Cub Scouts Sport Award Skiing


Webelos Swimmer Pin