Scouting Awards

View the Scouting Awards from the Past

The Scouting program has, for decades, been instrumental in helping thousands and thousands young men improve themselves. These improvements have gone on to help the young men of scouting live fulfilling lives. To encourage and show that their efforts have been noticed, there are scouting awards. These awards have become a showing of ones effort and accomplishments as a Scout. Browse Awards from the past.

Scouters Key Knot on Tan Dark Tan Border


World Conservation Award Cub Scout GLD


50 Year Veteran Patch Yellow Plastic Back


World Conservation Award Tan


Silver Beaver Knot on Sea Scout Blue ERROR


Scouters Key Knot on Tan Light Brown Border


Scouters Training Award Knot on Khaki Dark...


Varsity Scout Letter


Cub Scouts Sport Award Skiing


Paul Bunyon Axeman Award Black Border Plai...


Sea Scout Quartermaster Knot SSB On White


Silver Beaver Knot Khaki Gauze Back


Silver Arrow Point Plastic Back


Gold Arrow Point Plastic Back SSB


Cooking Skill Award


Swimming Skill Award