First Class Rank Patch 1990-2008 Tan White...


Bobcat Pin Crude Clasp Back


Bear Rank Patch Felt


Bear Rank Patch Plastic Back


Arrow of Light Patch 1960s Gum Back Smooth...


Arrow of Light Patch 1960s Gauze Back Smoo...


Wolf Rank Gauze Back


Bear Rank Patch Twill Gum Back


Lion Rank Patch Felt Type 2 Face


Arrow of Light Patch 1960s Plastic Back Sm...


Second Class Rank Patch 1970s Gauze Back


Webelos Rank Patch Plastic Back


Second Class Rank Patch 1960s Gum Back Smo...


Wolf Rank SSB


First Class Rank Patch 1950s Gauze Back


Tenderfoot Air Scout Candidate Patch