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Boy Scouting has been part of American history for decades, and has remained because of the stability and structure it offers to young men. Part of the structure has always been the rank of the scout, and their ability to advance. Rank Patches are an integral way to display and show your pride in your rank. Here you will be able to buy many of the different kinds of Rank Patches that have been displayed in the past. These Rank Patches are part of American history and show a side of America we can be proud of.

Star Scout Rank Patch 2010


Chief Shabbona Council Wolf Certificate 1943


Chief Shabbona Council Bear Certificate 1944


Chief Shabbona Council Lion Certificate 1944


Silver Award Medal Type II Replacement Ribbon


Quartermaster Award Medal Replacement Ribbon


Sea Explorer Able Patch Blue on White


Sea Explorer Able Patch Blue on White