Scout Belt Buckles

Scout Belt Buckles

Scout belt buckles are a simple way that a scout can show their personality and their likes. Scout buckles come in a variety of styles that promote the scouting spirit. Browse Scout belt buckles memorabilia and own a piece of history.

Teton Peaks Council Belt Buckle

CODE: b216n00071


Teton Peaks Council Belt Buckle.  Excellent condition.

Boy Scout Buckle

CODE: b220n00003


Boy Scout Buckle.  Excellent condition.

Diamond Jubilee Belt Buckle

CODE: b220n00004


Diamond Jubilee Belt Buckle.  Excellent condition.

Al Gaudos Scout Museum Belt Buckle

CODE: b220n00007


Al Gaudos Scout Museum Belt Buckle.  Excellent condition.

Buffalo Belt Buckle

CODE: b220n00008


Buffalo Belt Buckle.  Excellent condition.

Western Region Belt Buckle

CODE: b220n00009


Western Region Belt Buckle.  Excellent condition.

Indian Sceen Belt Buckle

CODE: b220n00011


Indian Sceen Belt Buckle.  Mint condition.

Boy Scout Belt Buckle

CODE: a020n35196


Boy Scout Belt Buckle.  USED but in excellent condition.

Boy Scout Brass Belt Buckle

CODE: b203n00020


Boy Scout Brass Belt Buckle.  Excellent condition.

Boy Scout Brass Belt Buckle

CODE: a010n35797


Boy Scout Brass Belt Buckle. USED but in good condition

Silver Beaver Belt Buckle 2 1/2"

CODE: r008n00005


Silver Beaver Belt Buckle. 2 1/2" oval. Mint condition.

Silver Beaver Belt Buckle 3 1/4" 1st Style

CODE: r008n00006


Silver Beaver Belt buckle. 3 1/4" Wide. Mint condition.