1964 NJ

1964 NJ Neckerchief Thin Letters

CODE: c024n16063


1964 NJ Neckerchief Thin Letters. Mint condition.

1964 NJ Rayon Neckerchief

CODE: c024n16071


1964 NJ Rayon Neckerchief. Mint condition.

1964 NJ Silk Neckerchief

CODE: c024n16069


1964 NJ Silk Neckerchief. Excellent condition.

1964 NJ Neckerchief Thick Letters

CODE: a050n16062


1964 NJ Neckerchief Thick Letters. Very good condition.

1964 NJ Troop 41 Picture

CODE: c024n16094


1964 NJ Troop 41 Picture. Includes the cover/holder the photo and is signed by the troop members. Is overall in very good condition.

1964 NJ Picture Book

CODE: c024n16101


1964 NJ Picture Book. Good to very good condition.

1964 NJ Patch Silk

CODE: a007n33457


1964 NJ Patch Silk. Mint condition.

1964 NJ Jacket Patch

CODE: b030n15882


1964 NJ Jacket Patch. USED but in very good condition.