Merit Badges

BSA Merit Badges have been a way to award Scouts, and for them to display the hard work that they have done, for a long time. Here are the BSA merit badges of the past. Order scouting memorabilia to bring a little scouting history into your life.

Agribusiness MB

CODE: c034n00592


Agribusiness MB. Mint condition.

Agriculture CB

CODE: c034n00340


Agriculture Cloth Back. Mint condition.

Agriculture MB

CODE: b009n00523


Agriculture MB. Mint condition.

Agriculture MB Blue Back

CODE: c027n00523bb


Agriculture MB. Blue back. Mint condition.

Agriculture MB Khaki Crimped

CODE: b009n00461


Agriculture MB Khaki Crimped. Mint condition.

Agriculture MB Khaki Crimped

CODE: c024n35976


Agriculture MB Khaki Crimped. USED but in good condition.

Agriculture MB Square Tan

CODE: b022n08939


Agriculture MB Square Tan. Very good condition.

Agriculture RET

CODE: b006n00285


Agriculture Rolled Edge Twill. Mint condition.