Merit Badges

BSA Merit Badges have been a way to award Scouts, and for them to display the hard work that they have done, for a long time. Here are the BSA merit badges of the past. Order scouting memorabilia to bring a little scouting history into your life.

Merit Badge Sash 1930s-1940s Tan with 35 T...


Agriculture CB


American Heritage MB Blue Back


Animal Industry MB Blue Back


Citizenship in the Nation MB SSB Blue/Whit...


Energy MB Computer Design Small Variety


American Business MB Blue Back


Agriculture MB Blue Back


Firemanship RET




American Business MB SSB


Aviation MB SSB


Merit Badge Sash 1940s with 33 Merit Badges


Auto Mechanics MB SSB


Animal Industry MB Fine Twill


American Business CB


Merit Badge Sash 1930s-1940s Tan with 24 T...


Merit Badge Sash 1950s Khaki with 8 Crimpe...


American Heritage MB


Merit Badge Sash 1930s-1940s Tan with 25 T...