Type G Fully Emb. Cloth Back MB 1961 - 1971

Engineering CB

CODE: c024n00320a


Engineering Cloth Back. Mint condition.

Farm Arrangements Large Buildings CB

CODE: b051n00344


Farm Arrangements Large Buildings. Mint condition.

Farm Records CB

CODE: b006n00333


Farm Records Cloth Back. Mint condition.

Fingerprinting CB

CODE: b022n02772


Fingerprinting CB. Mint condition.

Firemanship CB

CODE: b006n00334


Firemanship Cloth Back. Mint condition.

Firemanship CB

CODE: c024n33326


Firemanship Cloth Back. Small amount of paper glued to the back otherwise in mint condition.

First Aid CB

CODE: b206n00042


First Aid Cloth Back. USED but in very good condition.

First Aid CB

CODE: c003n00321


First Aid Cloth Back. Mint condition.

First Aid CB Silver Border

CODE: b020n02755


First Aid CB Silver Border. Excellent condition.

First Aid to Animals CB

CODE: c027n00332


First Aid to Animals Cloth Back. Mint condition.

Fish & Wildlife Management CB

CODE: c003n00598


Fish & Wildlife Management CB. Mint condition.

Fishing CB

CODE: c003n02265


Fishing CB. Mint condition.

Forage Crops CB

CODE: c044n00314


Forage Crops Cloth Back. Mint condition.

Forestry CB

CODE: b027n02801


Forestry CB. Mint condition.

Fruit & Nut Growing CB

CODE: b006n00342


Fruit & Nut Growing Cloth Back. Mint condition.

Geology CB

CODE: b023n02394


Geology CB. Mint condition.

Hiking CB

CODE: b031n02800


Hiking CB. Mint condition.

Hog Production CB

CODE: b007n00582


Hog Production CB. Mint condition.

Home Repairs CB

CODE: b022n02247


Home Repairs CB. Mint condition.

Horsemanship CB

CODE: b022n02885


Horsemanship CB. Mint condition.

Insect Life CB

CODE: c044n00326


Insect Life Cloth Back. Mint condition.

Journalism CB Key

CODE: c003n00317a


Journalism Cloth Back. Mint condition.

Journalism CB Microphone

CODE: c044n03487


Journalism CB Microphone. Mint condition.

Landscape Architecture CB Trees

CODE: b048n02794a


Landscape Architecture CB Trees. Mint condition.

Landscaping CB with Fountain

CODE: c034n02219


Landscaping CB with Fountain. Mint condition.

Leatherwork CB

CODE: c003n02270


Leatherwork CB. Mint condition.

Lifesaving CB

CODE: b006n00341


Lifesaving CB. Mint condition.

Machinery CB

CODE: b040n00518


Machinery CB. Mint condition.

Marksmanship CB

CODE: c003n02766


Marksmanship CB. Mint condition.

Masonry CB

CODE: b031n00558


Masonry CB. Mint condition.

Metallurgy CB

CODE: c027n00329


Metallurgy Cloth Back. Mint condition.

Motorboating CB

CODE: b022n02278


Motorboating CB. Mint condition.