Scoutmaster's Minutes



It has long benn a tradition to end Scout meetings and campfires with a Scoutmaster's Minute.  Scoutmaster Minutes are short stories with a moral that make a single point.  They give Scouts "food for thought" to take with tme from a Scouting event.

Finding ideas for Scoutmaster's Minutes can be difficult, and that's where Scoutmaster's Minutes comes in handy.  It is filled with brief stories that reinforce the ideals of the Scout Law, the Scout Oath, the Scout Motto, and the Scout Slogan.

This collection of quotes, original stories and adaptations can help the best Scoutleaders find perfect endings to a meeting or campfire.  Improve your Scouting events by bringing home a copy of Scoutmaster's Mintues today.

Paperback: 53 pages
Publisher: Aquinas Scout Books; 7th edition (2000)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 8.5 X 5.4 inches