The Eagle Mentor Certificate

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Please specify mentor's gender as it is part of the certificate.

Now you can honor that special adult who helped your favorite Scout on his climb up Eagle Mountain with a unique, personalized copy of the "Legend of Eagle Mountain--Mentor Version." This certificate tells the story of a boy’s climb to Scouting’s highest peak, the Eagle rank, and celebrates the role of the mentor. Each certificate is personalized with the recipient’s name and the court-of-honor or board-of-review date.

The Eagle Mountain Presentation Certificate is printed on parchment-style paper and is available in two sizes: 8" x 10" and 8.5" x 11". It’s the perfect gift for any new (or not-so-new) recipient of the Eagle badge.

High quality certificate that emphasizes the how special it is to achieve the EAGLE rank.

Love it!, Adds a nice touch to any Eagle Court of Honor!

Thank you. Very approriate