The Value of Cub Scout Coins

The Cub Scout program is full of opportunities to show appreciation and recognition to troop members and their individual contributions to society. When it comes to winning an award, there are many possibilities that a Cub Scout can receive including Cub Scout coins. Let’s take a closer look at why coins are so highly regarded.

The more activities that a scout is involved in, the more Cub Scout coins he will be able to get. Seen as an important component of being a member of any troop, Cub Scout coins are a symbol of dedication to a cub scouting program rank and can be used for engraving, awards, gifts, badges and souvenirs.

A Rewarding Experience

Typically, Cub Scout coins can be made of medal, gold, bronze, or silver and are one of the most common troop rewards. To earn one of these coins, a cub works very hard at performing various duties, participating in activities and showing great effort. As long as a scout shows dedication and tries hard to reach a goal, he will receive a coin.

In addition, Cub Scout promise coins are displayed to show a commitment and honor to the cub scouts. Some Cub Scout coins are made of brass alloy and can be diamond-shaped, round, oval, rectangular, or square. Most are engraved to resemble an eagle, cub, boy or sea animal in order to pay tribute to the Cub Scouts.

Additionally, the coins are also engraved on one side, with a specific logo on the reverse side. These coins make the perfect award for a good deed that deserves to be honored and remembered. After receiving Cub Scout coins, many scouts carry them inside of their pocket and treasure them with pride. Other scouts will actually put them in a frame and hang it on their wall. This specific award symbolizes self-reliance, patriotism and dedication.

What are the Types of Cub Scout Coins?

The most common symbols on the Cub Scout coins are the tiger, wolf, bear, webelos, and arrow of light. Additionally, there are certain Cub Scout ranks that determine what kind of coin the scout will receive. As a younger troop member, the first coin that a scout will receive is the bobcat coin. Generally, this coin is awarded to a scout when he first joins a troop around the first grade or even later on.

In order to receive this coin, a Cub Scout makes a certain promise to his troop and then signs a piece of paper. The next Cub Scout coin that is awarded is the tiger coin. To be given this coin, a scout must complete five different achievements. Next in line is the wolf Cub Scout coin. For the wolf coin, a scout needs to accomplish twelve individual achievements.

Making the process relatively difficult, each achievement has more than one requirement. By the third grade, the scout will earn the bear rank. The bear rank is similar to the wolf rank and requires twelve additional achievements. Lastly, the Webelos rank is usually rewarded to fourth or fifth graders. At this time, the scout will participate in flag ceremony upon completion of the specific requirements.