TriLight with Survival Pod

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Tinder Quik Fire Starter Tabs

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The hollow survival pod piston features an O ring sealed screw cap and houses both a hidden fero rod and solar burning lens with room to store tinder, cotton ball or other necessities. The TriLight offers three ways to make fire all contained in a single device.

Special Features:

  • Hollow Survival Pod head has a water-tight O ring sealed cap and contains a fero-cerium sparking rod plus a solar burning lens – Three fire making options in one device.
  • Survival Pod provides storage space for fire making tinder or other necessities.
  • 2nd Generation, patent pending body with pressure relief valve
  • The Survival Pod piston with Fero rod and burning lens is available separately and is compatible with all existing FireLight, FireStar / Tera-light, Scout Pro and Scout Master designs.
  • Lifetime warranty

Package Includes:

  • Fire Piston
  • Charred Cloth
  • Fero Rod
  • Solar Burning Lense
  • Replacement O ring
  • Tinder Bundle

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